Preparation process of statistics and publications

All the hydrocarbon sector entities have a legal obligation to report information to CORES, either in their capacity as members or because of the activity they perform. This obligation is comparable to the obligation to maintain minimum security stocks, and consequently the failure to report information, or the reporting of incorrect information, will be considered to be a serious offence. 

Obligated entities obliged to provide information

Before the 20th of each month the agents send CORES monthly worksheets with exhaustive information about their activities during the previous month: sales and consumption, imports and exports, stocks, balance sheet information, etc. 

CORES checks and verifies the information received using individual and consolidated cross-checks, as well as consistency checks for the data from different companies, a process which takes until the end of the month. 

After the information has been processed and verified, the statistics and publications are prepared, by means of an in-depth analysis of the data available, and subsequently disseminated on the website. 

  • The first publication, the Preliminary consumption information (ES), contains provisional data on the consumption of petroleum and natural gas products for the previous month, and provides a brief overview of the market situation. 
  • During the following 8-10 days CORES publishes the i_Cores with information about crude oil imports to Spain and natural gas imports and exports. 
  • Around the 12th of each month CORES publishes its Statistics on consumption, foreign trade, balances, production and stocks of petroleum and natural gas products in Spain, with data that is only a month and a half old. 
  • Lastly, around the 25th of each month the Hydrocarbon Statistics Bulletin (ES) with the definitive monthly data is published. 

Thanks to factual corrections received from the entities, as well as the corrections which sometimes result from the inspection work carried out by the Corporation, and the sales audits that must be reported annually, CORES has provided the best available information with constantly updated data since 1996. 

In addition to its monthly publications CORES also publishes annual publications, such as the Annual Statistical Report (ES) or the Sectorization of consumption (ES), which are prepared using the reported data. 

The Cores information system is built at the service of security of supply

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