Internal reporting system

The Internal Reporting System of Corporación de Reservas Estratégicas de Productos Petrolíferos (“CORES”) is the appropriate communication channel for receiving information regarding facts or behaviours within the scope of Spanish Law 2/2023, as of February 20, regulating the protection of individuals reporting regulatory violations and combating corruption, and that are related to the activity and operation of the Corporación.

What can be reported?

Facts or behaviours related to the activity and operation of the Corporación that may constitute violations of European Union Law, criminal or serious administrative offenses, and violations of the CORES Code of Conduct.

Who can report?

Individuals who have obtained information about violations in the context of their employment or professional relationship with CORES.

Where can it be reported?
  • Through CORES Internal Reporting Channel, managed on the online Whistleblower Platform, adapted to Law 2/2023, which has appropriate security measures to guarantee anonymity, confidentiality, and the security of information and data, as well as the rights and privacy of informants and those affected.
  • If preferred, one can resort to any of the external channels established by Law 2/2023, using the channel of the Independent Authority for Informant Protection (A.A.I.) or Regional Authorities or Bodies, depending on the geographical scope to which the information refers, when they are launched by the respective authorities.
Confidentiality and anonymity

The confidentiality of the informant, the affected person and other people who may be related, as well as the content of the information, is guaranteed. The online platform allows anonymity; therefore, information that does not contain the informant's identification details will be valid for processing, without prejudice to the possibility of later requesting such information depending on the characteristics of the case, in order to advance on the investigation or provide it to judicial authorities.

Absence of retaliation

The absence of any type of retaliation for information submitted in good faith is guaranteed.

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