Industry reserves

Level of obligation

Within the overall obligation to maintain minimum security stocks (emergency stocks) in Spain, set at the equivalent of 92 days of eligible sales or consumption, the industry must maintain 50 days. The remaining 42 days (strategic stocks) are held by CORES directly. 

As a result of the latest IEA coordinated actions in 2022, the industry's obligation is temporarily reduced by 7.8 days. You can find more information here

Industry reserves 31/12/2022 tonnes days
Obligation 4,135,807 40.2
Eligible stocks held 6,853,899 66.7

 Additionally, all obligated entities can ask CORES to maintain up to 100% of their obligation under certain conditions (ES).

Composition and location of industry reserves

The reserves maintained by the industry are composed of the product groups that make up the obligation (gasolines, middle distillates and fuel oils) as well as a significant part of crude oil and other raw materials.

The reserves are located in national territory for the most part, with a small percentage of the obligation being held in countries with which bilateral agreements are in force. 

The industry holds its reserves in its own facilities or in facilities belonging to logistics companies located throughout Spain. The Spanish logistics system has wide-ranging geographic coverage, connecting refineries, storage facilities and ports, making it possible to shift these stocks from any part of the country.

Historical evolution of industry stocks